Brands Fish acquires Baarssen Fish Processing

The Fishing News features an article on Brands Fish’s acquisition of Baarssen Fish Processing. Read a summary below:

Brands Fish recently acquired Baarssen Fish Processing, a deal ratified retroactively as of Jan. 1, 2024. Brands Fish, founded and run by brothers Hendrik and Jan Brands, has focused primarily on the processing of fresh salmon. Baarssen Fish Processing, on the other hand, is a large and modern plant with about 150 workers. The company focuses on performing various contract work such as sorting, filleting, freezing, packaging and breadcrumbing of various fish species, especially cod and flatfish, for both the industrial and retail markets.

Under the leadership of Brands Fish, the current operations of Baarssen Fish Processing will continue unchanged and even expand. The name of Baarssen Fish Processing will change to Brands Fish during the year, with management being conducted by Marten Poelman, Hendrik Brands, Jan Brands and Gerrit Wakker. Wakker, an experienced tax lawyer, plays a crucial role as supervisor in this acquisition.

Brands Fish will concentrate on cod processing at Urk, as there is already excess salmon processing capacity at this location. This focus on cod processing is reinforced by the recent acquisition of a fisherman’s box for expansion. This means that Brands Fish, under the leadership of the Brands brothers and with the support of Gerrit Wakker, will continue to expand and strengthen its presence in the fish processing market.

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