Ocean company wins Flevopenning TOP enterprise 2024

Ocean Company has won the Flevopenning TOPonderneming 2024, it was revealed at the well-attended Flevopenningen gala in Zeewolde. The coveted award was presented by Chris Jansen, deputy for economic affairs, to Willem Brouwer, Hendrik Kramer and Albert van Slooten, the triumvirate behind Ocean Company. The company’s innovative concept, born during informal conversations at the bar, proved to be a great success.

Ocean Company sets itself apart by reusing high-quality residual products from the salmon processing industry for the consumer market. This approach meets a significant portion of the protein requirement without additional salmon catches.

Next year the Flevopenningen gala will take place in Urk, as usual the event will be held in rotation in one of Flevoland’s municipalities.

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