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An industry in full swing

Every day hundreds of trucks depart from and to Urk filled with the finest seafood products. These products are created in and provided by the seafood industry. A sector brimming with innovation, growth and sustainability. A place of continuous work on new products, techniques and efficiency. Created with respect for the origin of these products and with a keen eye on the future! Working with natural products requires responsibility and care. We help feed the world and ensure that future generations also enjoy our products! Will you get on board with us?

Facts & stats

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Urk is no small fish!


Urk has traditionally lived off the sea. For over hundred years our village is known for its fishermen. And it did not stop there. On shore, processing seafood grew into an serious industry as the largest employer of the village. Today, the culture, traditions and Urker mentality form the basis of Urk Seafood’s success.

Total assortment

Urk Seafood’s partners provide a total assortment of fish. Traditionally caught North Sea fish, farmed fish or fish from the farthest reaches of the world. Urk Seafood has developed expertise in all areas to meet all requests. Ofcourse Urk Seafood also offers a growing assortment of vegan seafood, various companies focus on new product development.  


The growth of the entrepreneurial seafood industry has never stopped. In some 50 years, Urk has built a professional billion-dollar industry that we are proud of! Through years of expertise and experience, Urk has developed into ‘the Seafood Hub for the world’. The village continues to maintain this position by continuing to invest in training and recruitment of the best staff.


Urk has been a focal point for shipping routes to and from Amsterdam for centuries. This ideal, geographical location is therefore indispensable for the marketing of seafood products around the world. The seafood hub has state-of-the-art facilities and logistics partners to bring fish to the international market, quick and efficient.

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Why work in seafood?

Working in a multi-billion dollar industry

Did you know that the fish industry turns over billions in the Netherlands? In 2021, the turnover was 2.5 billion euros and it is still growing every year. The size and growth of the seafood industry provides many jobs, opportunities for advancement and your chance to achieve your ambition!

Career opportunities

Work your way up from packer to general manager? Of course, not everyone can make these steps, but in the seafood industry it’s possible! If you seize the opportunity to show yourself or express your ambition, an awful lot is possible!

Always in motion

The seafood industry is constantly evolving. Did you know that twenty years ago salmon was almost non-existent in the Netherlands and now it is one of the most important products? There is also plenty of investment in new developments such as meal boxes, vegetarian alternatives and ready-to-eat products. Not to mention all the technical developments!

A sustainable industry

An increasingly important issue is sustainability. This is all the more true for the seafood industry. Almost every company has solar panels and is investing in making its business process more sustainable. For example, sourcing salmon produced in a climate-neutral way or developing vegetarian products. But the development of more efficient machinery, electric fleets and fish waste processing are also developments that come up daily.

Dynamic workplace

Every day is different when you choose a career in seafood. The origin of raw materials, price elasticity, a new machine or special requirements of a customer. Just a few examples of things that make your work different. And the nice thing is, that applies to both the general manager and the machine operator. No industry has such an open work culture as seafood.

Cozy work atmosphere

This growing industry with a large group of young and old staff is incredibly fun! Extensive staff outings, an on-site gym, a canteen in the form of a grand café, you can find it in the seafood industry.

Always a chance to get a job

There is always a job that suits you in the seafood industry. From office tiger to production topper and director to driver. With the growth in the industry, there are always job openings that fit your profile! Not sure what job suits you yet? Then try our choice guide!

An industry that pays well

Working in seafood is well rewarded! This is not just about the office staff or the director, but also the production workers. In a growing industry where human resources are the driving force among businesses, you are guaranteed a nice salary. Pay for work we call that!

Personal coaching

Developing talent is important. We see this in seafood everywhere, from the workplace to the office. Therefore, we offer a multitude of coaching within the companies. That way, that chatty machine operator might develop into a salesperson and the front desk clerk becomes an HR manager! Of course with proper training!

Short travel times

Okay, of course it depends where you live, but the seafood industry is easily accessible! Most businesses are located on Urk’s industrial estate, close to the A6 slip road. Easily accessible from places like Zwolle, Emmeloord, Dronten, Heerenveen and Lelystad!

Together, we make a difference!

Difference must exist, but we make that difference in seafood together. In this industry, hard work is done by various departments. And we really do that hard work together. The director may even spend a few hours on the production line. In what industry do you still see that?