Diepvries Urk

Diepvries Urk is a specialized co-packer for fish companies and trading companies in the food industry. The company operates from Urk for companies throughout Europe. Diepvries Urk functions as an independent service provider in the food industry and is the link between trade and production, being completely neutral. The focus of Diepvries Urk is on the processing of the product and not on all kinds of peripheral issues.

The company operates under strict safety requirements and is IFS and BRC certified. Customers rely on Diepvries Urk when taking large orders. The company moves quickly and ensures that all kinds of operations are done quickly for third parties. This can include stickering, freezing, panning, glazing, packaging and much more. Diepvries Urk is an excellent co-pack partner.

Type bedrijf: Productie en opslag
Locatie: Zuidoostrak 18
Telefoon: +31 527 684 500
Website: diepvriesurk.nl