Urk working visit ambassador to United States

This week the Ambassador of the United States, Shefali Razdan Duggal came to visit the Seafood sector in Urk. The trade magazine Fisheries News wrote the following article about it:

URK – Last Thursday, March 28, the United States ambassador to the Netherlands, Shefali Razdan Duggal, visited the fish processing sector in Urk. The Association of Fish Wholesalers hosted and particularly honored the arrival of the ambassador and U.S. agricultural attaché to the Netherlands Laura Geller. It was a short but fascinating visit, which started quite early for the American delegation (before 7 a.m.) at the Visafslag Urk. Acting Mayor Westmaas, exit director Riekelt Kramer, Alderman Nathanaël Middelkoop and BKU manager Rein Brands formed the welcoming committee. On the occasion of the working visit, the ambassador also received an exclusive preview of Urk Seafood’s latest video.

Also meeting with the ambassador were representatives from the Urk business community, Janna Post (Fiskano), Tjeerd Hoekstra (Lerøy Seafood Netherlands), Jakke Ras (Marea Altra) and Jelle van Veen (Dayseaday).

This was followed by a visit to Van der Lee Seafish, where board members and brothers Gijs and Willem van der Lee gave an impressive guided tour as well as treated to a tasting of fried fish.

The visit to Urk concluded at the Fisherman’s Monument. Wreaths were laid by the ambassador and the Urk fishery alderman on behalf of the United States and municipality of Urk.

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