Sea Fresh in Food Industry Trade Journal

Anyone supplying retail must have their business in super-tight order: sustainability certifications, the ability to deliver quickly and perfect hygiene. Sea Fresh Retail can double check all the criteria.

So opens the Food Industry trade magazine article about Sea Fresh in Urk. The theme of the magazine was Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, which is not unknown territory for the Urk entrepreneur.

They emphasize strict hygiene, sustainability certifications and fast deliveries. The company improved its hygiene policy by implementing an automated disinfection system. They also emphasize their commitment to sustainability by partnering with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund. Sea Fresh Retail has undergone the necessary expansions to meet the demands of retailers and is now successful in ensuring hygiene, freshness of fish and efficient deliveries.

Want to know more about Sea Fresh’s approach? Read the entire article now on the website of the Food Industry trade journal.

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