New salmon boat for Visscher Seafood farm

Nauplius Workboats built a new salmon boat in a short time for Inverlussa Marine Service in Scotland. Gerrit Knol, director of the shipyard, reports that the “Arthur Douglas” is the fourth vessel Nauplius has built for Inverlussa. The launching took place at Pattje in Waterhuizen in late May.

The workboat has dimensions of 21 by 8.35 meters and features a hybrid propulsion system with two Doosan engines, fixed propellers, generators and a 37 kWh battery pack. On deck there is room for two 20-foot containers and the crane has a lifting capacity of 75 tons. The ship offers accommodation for four crew members.

The 2108LUV combines functionality of a multi-cat with the tailgate of a landing craft, according to Nauplius. Inverlussa is leasing the vessel to Organic Sea Harvest for logistics operations around the Isle of Skye, where Visscher Seafood Group of Urk operates the salmon farm.

The navigation and communications package was delivered and installed by De Boer Marine in record time. Ship and Yacht Carpentry De Flux was a subcontractor aboard the “Arthur Douglas.

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