Kyokuyo acquires majority stake in NorthSeaFood

Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. has taken a majority stake in Urk Seafood participant Northseafood Holland. NorthSeaFood specializes in the processing and sale of seafood products. Through this acquisition, NS Holland will become a subsidiary of Kyokuyo Europe B.V.

Kyokuyo informs that this acquisition fits in with their strategy related to expanding their international business and strengthening their position in the European food market. The acquisition is expected to provide improved economies of scale and strengthened sales networks, including through cooperation with KOCAMAN in Turkey. Kyokuyo is also restructuring its European operations to strengthen synergies between its various businesses.

Northseafood Holland, based in Urk and operating since 1982, specializes in buying, processing and selling various fish products, including whitefish. The company has a strong position in the European market and supplies frozen fish products to various locations in Europe. With Kyokuyo’s support, Northseafood Holland expects to further strengthen its position as a leading fish processing company in Europe and expand its market share.

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