From working together in the production process, to working together behind the counter.

Jannie and Bonny, two colleagues with more than 10 years of experience at Lerøy Seafood, began their careers in the production process. But now you can find them both behind the counter at the main branch. They decided to take the plunge and discover what other opportunities were available at Lerøy.

Initially, it was Jannie who expressed her ambition to work in the office as a secretary. After a few conversations, everyone was enthusiastic, and so Jannie became Lerøy’s new calling card.

Bonny, who was still on maternity leave at the time but still working in the production process, actually felt in place. When an additional spot became available in the secretary’s position, Bonny started thinking and thought “an interview can never hurt.” Similarly, Bonny went to work as a secretary.

Together they ensure that every guest who enters Lerøy receives a warm welcome and is escorted to the right person. The range of duties is very diverse and every day is different. Both ladies are having a great time and are happy with the advancement opportunities Lerøy offers.

Source: Leroy Seafood Netherlands LinkedIn – posted with permission.

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