Visscher Seafood goes sustainable!

Visscher Seafood recently completed a massive expansion. When building new business spaces and remodeling the current ones, not only productivity but also sustainability was considered. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fish industry, and Urk Seafood is committed to further developing these techniques. Visscher Seafood is already setting a good example in this regard!

During the development of Visscher Seafood’s new expansion, much attention was paid to developments in the areas of transport, refrigeration and packaging efficiency. For example:

  • Installing as many as 292 solar panels to generate its own solar energy.
  • Using blowers at entrances and exits to keep cold air in appropriate areas.
  • Installing a box elevator so that packages can be unloaded faster and depot doors closed earlier.
  • Implementing lower and narrower high-speed roller doors between production areas. This ensures that a production area loses less hot or rather cold air when the doors are opened.

These developments are consistent with the long-standing focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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