Urk municipality visits Sea Fresh

Last month, aldermen Willem Foppen, Freek Brouwer and Nathanaël Middelkoop, along with manager Theo Stroo, visited Sea Fresh B.V. The company visit took place as part of the company’s 25th anniversary.

Sea Fresh B.V. recently handed over management to the second generation, brothers Albert Ras and Sjoerd Ras. The company is a major player in the import, export and distribution of fresh fish, with sustainability playing a central role.

With a young team, with an average age of 29.5 years, and 225 dedicated employees, Sea Fresh B.V. continues to innovate and grow. Sea Fresh Retail B.V., a division of Sea Fresh B.V., supplies a significant portion of the retail market with fresh and frozen fish products.

The aldermen thanked Albert and Sjoerd Ras for the warm welcome and congratulated them on the anniversary!

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