International working lunch with opportunities for Urk

The international ambitions of the Urk economy are increasingly taking shape. Last Friday, a nice delegation of Netherlands Business Support Offices (trade offices of the Dutch government abroad) paid an introductory visit to Urk. Councilman Nathanaël Middelkoop and program manager Rein Brands were given the opportunity to talk about the opportunities offered by the Urk economy, with special attention to Urk Seafood and Urk Maritime.

Horizon, Flevoland’s regional development corporation, hosted the NBSO and had organized a Flevoland tour of companies. The tour ended in Urk with a working lunch, presenting Urk’s economic success story. Alderman Nathanaël Middelkoop talked about Urk’s ambitions, inner dike and outer dike, among other things. ,,Our presentations were very well received and we definitely think a sequel is going to come out of this. France, China and Brazil already indicated concrete options. These are great opportunities for our business, government and education communities. This also fits in seamlessly with Urk’s internationalization ambitions,” said an enthusiastic Rein Brands.

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