DaySeaDay prevents noise pollution with acoustic panels

On IsoCab’s LinkedIn, we come across this case at DaySeaDay. To combat noise pollution for the canteen staff, DaySeaDay went looking for a solution. Read the entire case on their LinkedIn page. Below is a brief summary.

Hendrik de Boer, with 13 years of experience at Dayseaday in Urk, is responsible for construction issues and electronic installations. The company, which specializes in fresh and frozen fish products, is experiencing noise pollution from compressors on the second floor, which also houses the cafeteria. Looking for a solution, Hendrik asked the installation specialists at KIM Nederland B.V. for help.

KIM recommended Decaroc Acoustic Design panels, with sound absorption up to 35dB. The first compressor has already been successfully treated, leading to great satisfaction. Now a second compressor is also being fitted with these panels. Hendrik and the team are excited about the improvements and look forward to a quieter and more comfortable work environment.

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