Urk Seafood at Conxemar Expo – Vigo, Spain

Conxemar Exhibition in Vigo, Spain is the annual fish fair of the Spanish association of fish traders, importers, exporters and producers. This show with more than 700 exhibitors attracts more than 26,000 seafood industry professionals.

At such an event, of course, Urk Seafood cannot be missing. Present on behalf of Urk Seafood are Kramers’ Seafood, DaySeaDay, Diepvries Urk and Neerlandia Urk! At their booths, you can also find our new Urk Seafood displays! If you are attending the fair, you can meet them at the following locations:

DaySeaDayHall 4: Booth 4A33
Kramers’ SeafoodHall 1: Stand 1A05
Diepvries UrkHall 4: Booth 4A35
Neerlandia UrkHall 1: Booth 1D07

All types of professionals are present and it is an excellent networking opportunity for Fishing Professionals in all types of companies. For more information, visit https://www.conxemar.com/en/

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